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The inspiration for my work is drawn from the natural world with an eye to both form and function.  I spend a lot of my time outdoors observing birds, animals and insects. Allured by wind, water and sunlight, I look for ways to incorporate those elements into my work as well. 

Stained Glass is both delicate and strong. If offers me many options for incorporating both natural and mad-made light into my art. The light can come from within or shine through. It's variations in color and texture allow for endless possibilities. 

best gulls.png

Copper is easy to work with because its malleable, durable and easy to solder.  Over time, copper develops a natural patina. Alternatively, I can treat it with chemicals or heat to create variations in colors. 

UV Hardened Adhesive opens new aesthetic design opportunities and allows me to go from 2D to 3D designs with ease. It is a time saving technique that eliminates the need for foiling, soldering and patina application found in traditional stained glass work. The adhesive also allows me to join glass colors directly together without the visual distraction of lead based black lines. 

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